16th Annual Headwaters Relay, July 28-30, 2017

The Headwaters Relay is a 3-day, 232 mile team relay race through the mountains and valleys of Southwest Montana (read more on the inspiration for the race here). The route is 98% on dirt and two-track roads revisiting Lewis and Clark's trek from Three Forks to Beaverhead Rock. The Relay ends at Hellroaring Creek, the ultimate source of the Missouri River.

Latest race news (updated 1/1/2017):

New registration rules and prices for 2017 (Jan 1, 2017)

New Pricing: $1200 per team of six to ten runners, and $800 for teams of five or fewer runners. Payments made by check or credit card, no cash. Half payments postmarked by Feb 15th.

REGISTRATION FOR GRANDFATHERED TEAMS (teams that ran the Relay in 2016, and have at least 4 runners returning in 2017):
Teams of six or more runners must have $600 in by Feb 15, plus at least four runner sign up /waiver forms, and balance (next $600) is due by May 1st. Grandfathered teams of five or less $400 by Feb 15, plus three or more runner sign up / waiver forms, and balance (next $400) is due by May 1. Refunds are available before, but not after, May 1.

A new team is a team that did not run in 2016. New team registration starts Feb 15, 2017. This means your mailed registration, four (minimum) runner sign up /waiver forms, and money ($600) or $400 for a team of five or less -- must be postmarked no later than Feb 15. Teams will be chosen by lottery, the results of which will be announced March 1. If you do not make it, we rip up your checks or credit card numbers. If you are selected, your balance (the second $600, or $400 for teams of five or less) will be due May 1. Refunds are available before, but not after, May 1.

2017 Registration forms now available (Jan 11, 2017)

Registration forms for the 2017 Headwaters Relay are now available! Click on the Registration link at left to download.

2017 Race Dates (Oct 21, 2016)

The 2017 Headwaters Relay is scheduled for July 28th through 30th, 2017.

2016 Results Posted! (Oc 21, 2016)

See the 2016 results page for this year's race results!